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Biographies for Students

Become a “geospy” by naming continents, countries, states or provinces correctly!

Take the National GeoBee Quizzes! There are new quizzes posted every day. You can answer as an apprentice or an expert!

Place the state! Drag and drop the state in the correct spot.

State that Plate! Drag the name of the state to the correct license plate before it disappears.

One Hundred Years of Flight–Celebrate the 100th anniversary of Wilbur and Orville Wright’s first flight.

Time for Kids

Culturegrams – Resource for research on countries and cultures

Cool Antarctica – facts, history and wonderful pictures of Antarctica.

Kids Web Japan – learn about Japan’s culture, folklore, language, and more.

Community Helpers  – Explore the roles of different members of a community.

Scholastic News Online

National Geographic Kids News

Facts About Washington State–Loads of information and activities about our great state.

First Nations History–A long list, with brief histories of many tribes.

Early–A wealth of newspapers, documents, maps and images is available from this site, which focuses on the late 18th to early 19th Centuries in the United States.

Biography of America–Great information about the history of our country.

Revolutionary War –“Why should we listen to King George?” many colonists grumbled. Read to learn about the causes and battles of the Revolutionary War.

Explorer Time Machine--A time machine you find at a flea market has only three choices, sailing with Magellan, Columbus or Drake. Who was the best leader?