Dear Silver Beach Families,


Welcome Back! We are looking forward to a great 2014-2015 school year here at Silver Beach.


Silver Beach is very fortunate to have a staff that loves this school community and working together. I believe our parent community is the most involved and supportive in the district. Our PTO board, committee chairs, and volunteers are dedicated to supporting teachers, students, and families. Input gathered last spring from staff and parents make it clear that Silver Beach is a healthy learning community where students and families feel supported and welcomed. 


This newsletter is full of volunteer opportunities. Whether you are available during the school day to spend time in classrooms, the library, lunchroom, on the playground, afternoons to sponsor an enrichment club, evenings to serve on a committee, or weekends helping maintain our gardens; I invite you to become involved! Our Volunteer Coordinator is Jodi Haggen and she can be reached at


As we are gearing up for the year, teachers and I have spent time reflecting on the Bellingham Promise and the ways in which Silver Beach meets the established outcomes. Preliminary State Test results show we made positive gains in  all academic areas, which is a tribute to our dedicated teachers who are committed to helping each child reach his or her academic potential and holding high expectations for all.  


Here at Silver Beach we understand that academic achievement is only one part of the Promise, and only when coupled with the School Culture/Character outcomes do we truly meet the shared mission: 


We collectively commit that our students are cared for and respected, and that they will graduate from our schools prepared for success in the global community. Each will be exceptional in his or her own way, with strong character, a passion for learning, and ready for the widest range of educational and vocational options to support a diversity of life choices.


As a means to continually improve school culture and foster the life-long skills of responsibility, confidence, compassion, and leadership we will be exploring how Stephan Covey’s 7 Habits of Effective People can be put into practice with our students.


The outcomes of the Bellingham Promise: We develop students and graduates who are:



School Culture/Character

  • readers and writers,
  • scientists and mathematicians,
  • historians and global thinkers,
  • artists, performers and trades people,
  • healthy, active individuals,
  • multilingual readers and speakers,
  • skilled users of technology and information,
  • critical thinkers and problem-solvers,
  • effective communicators,
    • leaders, collaborators and team players,
    • dependable and responsible workers,
    • innovators and creators,
    • confident individuals who continuously challenge themselves,
    • respectful and compassionate humans,
    • honest and ethical citizens who act with integrity, and
    • well-rounded community members engaged with the broader world.





Nicole Talley