Vision: Our Vision is "To develop at the highest potential, knowledge, application of skills, character traits and the inner drive within each individual child, thus empowering our students to become contributing members of society"

Core Beliefs:


We believe:

Each child is unique in every aspect and all children have the potential to be contributing members of society

Children learn in different ways, time frames, through varied approaches and levels of support

When children are challenged in a secure environment and are connected to their learning they rise to their utmost potential


We believe:

Children learn through active engagement. When students make connections and experience success, this benefits achievement

Multiple approaches lead to differentiation which benefit a wide range of learning styles and levels of cognition

Personal responsibility, self-respect and accountability are important characteristics of empowerment that help each student move to their next level of learning


We believe:

Students and families need to have strong connections with the school community. Strong connections provide a springboard to success

The entire Silver Beach School community is responsible for modeling respect and citizenship

Parents, teachers and students working together are important factors contributing to student achievement