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Silver Beach PTO Committee Chairs 2013-14

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2013-2014 SBEA Board Members

President - Evie Martinez -

VP - Susan Miner -

Treasurer - Kira Bravo -

Secretary - Robyn Johnston -

PAC Rep -  Laura Lawyer -

Volunteer Coordinator - Jodi Haggen -


Welcome Silver Beach Families! Communication between our school and your family is very important to us!  We hope you find this website to be useful in many different ways.  Please let us know of other information that you would like to see included.

Silver Beach has a very active parent group, the Silver Beach PTO or Silver Beach Parent Teacher Organization.  It serves our school by providing room parents, parent tutors and many other volunteers.  In addition, the PTO sponsors special activities and projects to improve and enrich each child's education.

 Kem Gaggero – President
 Laura Hayes – Vice President
 Suzanne Carlson – Secretary
 Josh McCudden - Treasurer
 Melissa Creelman – Volunteer Coordinator Kem Gaggero – PresidentLinks to SBEA Information

SBEA Forms