Sites for Scientists

Health Sites

All Systems Go!


How the Body Works

Woodland Park Zoo-Learn about this wonderful zoo in Seattle.

DogoNews-Science and so much more!

Weather Wiz Kids - learn all about weather from a TV meterologist

Kids' Crossing - from the National Center for Atmospheric Research and UCAR - some great weather information, games and activities, pretty advanced reading level. - Explore field guides for all sorts of plants and animals, identify animal tracks, or learn more about local birds.

Bio Kids - Critter Catalogue 

Kid's Planet

Exploring Nature

Welcome to the Watery World of Whales - Learn about whales, view a photo gallery.

Whale Times - learn about whales and other sea mammals, explore a whale glossary, and play whale related games and activities.

Whale Watch - Listen to whale sounds and explore a whale photo gallery. Be sure to click on Kids' Stuff to find more whale information.

ZooBooks-Lots of information about animals can be found here.

National Geographic - A great resource for primary research, particularly on animals. There are also videos on various science topics. Games and stories are more geared for intermediate students.

The Barred Owl - This ThinkQuest site was created by students, for students. A good resource for research on owls.

Bats: Why Should We Care? - Good resource for research about bats.