Jeopardy Game Using YRCA Titles (5th Grade) 

Jeopardy Game Using Sasquatch Titles (4th and 5th Grade)

Silver Beach
Sasquatch Superbowl

Enthusiasm will be high as students read and practice for our annual competition!   The list of this year's nominees is below.  Fourth and fifth graders who love to read and  like a little competition may self select, form teams and divide up the books to read.   

Mrs. Cleary will introduce the competition and more final details early this winter. Practice sessions and quizzes will most likley be available starting in January, with culminating school and city-wide competitions in April.  This is a fairly independent activity that the kids self  manage on their own. 


Practice Questions and Answers will be posted weekly!

Look for the PDF files to the right of the screen.



 Lower Commons 

4th Grade: Wednesday, March 30 8:45 AM

5th Grade : Wednesday, March 30 11:00 AM


City Wide Competition at Lowell Elementary Cafeteria


4th Grade Superbowl at 2:15 on April 14th


5th Grade Superbowl at 2:15 on April 21st



Fourth Graders read Sasquatch Books (12).  Fifth Grade students read both Sasquatch and YRCA titles (20)



Sasquatch Superbowl

 4th grade teams read SASQUATCH titles ONLY (12 books)

5th grade teams read SASQUACH and YRCA titles (20 books)




By Sage Blackwood

Star Wars Jedi Academy

By Jeffrey Brown

Serafina’s Promise

By Ann E Burg

Monster on the Hill

By Rob Harrell

The Great Trouble

By Deborah Hopkinson

One for the Murphys

By Lynda Mullaly Hunt

The Thing about Luck

By Cynthia Kadohata

The Adventures of a South Pole Pig

By Chris Kurtz

The 14 Fibs of Gregory K

By Greg Pincus


By Liesl Shurtliff

Lockwood & Co.:

By Jonathan Stroud

The Prairie Thief

By Melissa Wiley


YRCA Nominees 2016


Official List Junior Division


Loki’s Wolves – Armstrong, K.L. & M.A. Marr

Colossus Rises – Lerangis, Peter

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library – Grabenstein, Chris

Flora & Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures – DiCamillo, Kate

Middle School: My Brother is a Big, Fat Liar – Patterson, James

Counting by 7s – Sloan, Holly Goldberg

The Creature Department – Weston, Robert Paul

Never Say Die – Hobbs, Will