Silver Beach
Sasquatch Superbowl

Enthusiasm is high as students read and practice for our annual competition!   The list of this year's nominees is below.  Fourth and fifth graders who love to read and  like a little competition may self select, form teams and divide up the books to read.   Practice sheets are available starting in January, with culminating school and city-wide competitions in March.  This is a fairly independent activity that the kids self  manage on their own.  We will be running an optional recess practices this year  where teams can practice answering triva questions about the books and have an extra opportunity to read.  4th Grade practices on Thursdays and 5th Grade on Fridays at lunch recess.



Thursday, April 2nd  in the Lower Commons 

4th Grade:  9:00-10:00

5th Grade : 10:00-11:00

City Wide Competition at the Downtown Branch of the Bellingham Public Library 

4th Grade:  Thursday, April 16th 2:00-3:30

5th Grade:  Wednesday, April 23rd 2:00-3:30


Fourth Graders read Sasquatch Books (12).  Fifth Grade students read both Sasquatch and YRCA titles (18)



Sasquatch Superbowl





The Adventures of Beanboy


Deadweather and Sunrise


 Fake Mustache


 The Grave Robber’s Apprentice


 Have a Hot Time, Hades!


 Lincoln’s Grave Robbers


 The Puzzler’s Mansion


 Red Thread Sisters


 Shadow on the Mountain


 Something to Hold


 Three Times Lucky









The One and Only Ivan


Starry River of the Sky




Whatever After: Fairest of All


Who Could That Be At This Hour?