Nurse News

Our school nurse, Jan Facciano, has many helpful ideas related to your child's health and development.  Please contact her at 201-3262 with any questions. Please click on the links, below, for important health information.

Many of you have questions about the Whooping Cough (Pertussis) epidemic.  Open this link for further information.

Pertussis Factsheet WCHD


Nutrition Nuggets contains healthy eating and exercise tips for you and your family.  The information is reviewed and approved by a Registered Dietician.  Since this is the first year the district has subscribed we would appreciate any feedback or ideas you have regarding this information.  

Nutrition Nuggets May 2012

Nutrition Nuggets April 2012

Nutrition Nuggets March 2012

Nutrition Nuggets February 2012

Nutrition Nuggets January 2012

Vaccinations for Adults

Adult Health Information

Preventive Dentistry

Parenting Discussion Fall 2011

Immunizations for Your Children-Press Release From the Washington State Department of Health

When to Keep Your Child Home

Hand Washing Video-Travel to Elizabeth Park for a look at how important it is to wash your hands!

Family Meals