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Welcome to the Silver Beach Library

Silver Beach loves to read!  We have a library that  supports the diverse interest and academic needs of our school community.  Stop by soon! 


Library Information and Technology Framework

  • Information and technology literacy instruction
  • Reading advocacy
  • Information and resource management services

All three of these areas are essential components of a school library information and technology (LIT) program that helps ensure that the students of Washington State are effective users and producers of information and ideas. Learning, enjoying and participating in reading and technology are the most important keys to success in our busy world. The Silver Beach Library's job is to ensure that students have these skills.


Checkout Policy


Students may check out up to two books at a time.  One book should be a storybook that they are able to read independently, the second book is their choice.  Classrooms working on a research project will be allowed a third title that relates to their research project.


All classrooms grades K-3 come to the library once per week for a lesson and  classroom book checkout, and all of their library books are due on this day. Students that have not finished reading a book may renew it by placing a note that says, “renew” on the book when they turn it into their classroom book return bins. 


Grades 4-5 do not have regular checkout time during their weekly library class, but are invited to come to the library at any time during the school day to return, renew and checkout books.  Please help your child to remember to bring any library books from home on their class library checkout day. 


Students that finish with their library books before their next library class, always have daily opportunities for individual students to exchange their books throughout the week.  We welcome them to come as often as they like!


Students that have overdue books will not be able to check out additional library books until the book(s) are returned or a library fine resolved.  It is for this reason that fines on lost books be resolved quickly.  Fines on lost or damaged books may be paid in the office.  If the book is found and returned in good condition within the school year that it was lost, any money collected as a fine on that book will be refunded


For more information, please contact Kristin Cleary, Teacher-Librarian

360.676.6443, ext. 2324